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Blackwold Headquarters – 27, 2018 · The Blackwold Headquarters is a landmark in Chetwood in Bree-land. Located in the northern section of Chetwood, built at the mountain ridge bordering Far Chetwood, the ruined fortress once guarded Cardolan against the armies of Angmar and Rhudaur.Area: Chetwood

Blackwold Headquarters Lord of the Rings Online Wiki … The Ruins of Breeland 26.6S, 44.4W

Blackwold Headquarters Location The Lord of the Rings … Headquarters submit new info about this location. Spot Description: Deed: The Ruins of Breeland. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Turbine, Midway or Codemasters. Visit the Official The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar Website for more information.

The Ruins of Breeland – 17, 2021 · Once an abode of the Men of Arnor, these ruins now house an unruly mob of outlaws calling themselves the Blackwolds. Find Blackwold Headquarters [26.6S, 44.4W] Long ago, this ruined fortress guarded Cardolan against the armies of Angmar and Rhudaur, but now it serves as the seat of power of the Blackwold brigands.

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Blackwolds – Tolkien Gateway 17, 2020 · The Blackwolds were a group of mannish brigands created for The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar.. Nothing is known about the origins of the Blackwolds. Yet, it is implied that they were a group of Men from Bree-land that broke their ties with the rest of the free peoples.It is not stated what motivated them to do so.

LOTRO The Ruins of Bree-land Deed Guide and Map – FibroJedi 14, 2020 · Blackwold Headquarters Map Coordinates: 26.6S, 44.4W If you thought Blackwold’s Roost was big, it’s nothing compared to Blackwold Headquarters. But this HQ sits way too close to Archet for comfort, so maybe you could “thin the numbers”, “take a few of the rascals out”.

LOTRO Bree-land Slayer Deeds Map and Guide by FibroJedi 25, 2020 · Additionally, some Blackwold Brigands can be found camped and wandering around South of Blackwold Headquarters. Note: Both these locations count towards the Ruins of Bree-land Deed . You can also find the Ancient Cairn in Blackwold’s Roost, which is an item for the History of the Dúnedain Deed .

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