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Player Headquarters Plot (Page 1 of 4) – Roguey’s X3AP site this plot you will gain access to the player Headquarters – a unique building which allows you to build your own ships, colour them and store wares. Before X3AP v2.0 there was no way to get your own player headquarters (or PHQ for short). You will also gain the Unfocused Jumpdrive which will allow you to explore random sectors..

Player Headquarters Plot (Index) – Roguey’s X3AP site rows · A walk-walk-through of the Player headquarters Plot in Albion Prelude (X3AP), written by …

[X3AP/LU] Player Headquarters/Equipment Docks : X3TC PHQ (player Headquarters), only available in Cloudbase South East, I use for my main base. There I can concentrate all my ships and loot, my boarded ships before I can refit and integrate them into my fleet (or disassemble them for materials). There I can produce ships, reverse engineer them, repair. I can also mass fit ships there.

Player Headquarters Plot – X3 Wiki (English) – Egosoft … 28, 2016 · Commentary: Head back to PTNI Headquarters and comm the NMMC Headquarters to pay 46,806,440 credits for the Player Headquarters and TL carrying it. The offer never expires so the player is in no rush to obtain the funds although by this stage of the game the player should have hundreds of millions of credits.

Player HQs – Ship Construction Facts and Fictions … 09, 2003 · Fiction: The Commonwealth headquarters is incapable of building several ships because it cannot hold enough materials. Fact: There is only one ship a Commonwealth PHQ cannot build, and that is the Valhalla. The Commonwealth PHQ is capable of building every other ship in vanilla X3AP, including the next largest ship to the Valhalla, the Aran, and all X3AP M2+ ships.

Best HQ Sector :: X3: Albion Prelude General Discussions 28, 2013 · So which sector do you guys like to put your player HQ in? Personally I like Contorted Dominion. There are 3 all-ship shipyards within 3 sectors in any direction and tons of military hardware producing factories, military outposts and equipment docks withing the same distance, as well as Atreus, Strong Arms and Dukes (if you’re friendly with them) and you can just use the hub to link it to …

[X3LU] How do you get the player HQ? : X3TC’s available to buy at a shipyard, ptni I think, or maybe cloud base south east. Check the encyclopedia. I don’t remember if you need race rep but it will tell you.

two player HQs? :: X3: Albion Prelude General Discussions 05, 2013 · By playing the Terran plot for the Terran HQ, or the Argon Plot for the Commonwealth HQ – or using script to cheat one or both into the game. There is also the Corporate HQ (like Atreus/Terracorp/OTAS etc) which you get through the new Shady Business plot with X3AP 3.0. The Terran HQ has more storage, unlimited M5/4/3 – TS/TP/TM docking, and can dock 2-4 more capital …

New Player Headquarter – X3 Terran Conflict – Mods – The X … New Player Headquarter – replace vanilla Player Headquarter model. In the New Player Headquarter are 3 less capital ships docking ports. New Player Headquarter model are about – 65K polygons. Vanilla Headquarter model are about – 144K polygons. Mod is compatible with X3 Albion Prelude. Compatible with all mods, who does not change the vanilla Player Headquarter.

Player Headquarters – Apricot Mapping Service Headquarters. From the V2 readme file within the update patch. This new station is the biggest construction you can build in the game and thus it requires a lot of free space to work properly, be careful where you put it! HQ features: 1. Repair. Any damaged ship docked at the HQ can be repaired. Damaged ships are listed in the Station …

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